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We want you to get as excited as we do about our Curb Shopping trips as we hunt for new and unique pieces to work with. Come along with us on our nightly excursions and follow each piece on its journey to becoming a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece to be admired for years to come!

Sloane’s Treasure Island was initially about one women’s journey of trying to incorporate ways to help the planet earth, while earning a living and at the same time, providing customers with beautiful pieces of furniture at prices they could afford.

Sloane was later joined at the store by her beautiful, talented niece Felisha, making Sloane’s Treasure Island a 2 women operation.

We decided to make a reality show for a few reasons. We wanted to bring awareness to all the waste on our planet and to show people how reusing, repurposing, and recycling has a huge impact on waste reduction - while saving you money! Empowering and lifting up women everywhere is a very important practice for Sloane & Felisha. They wanted to show that women can do anything they put their minds to! #SisterUp

Plus, you get the entertaining bones of watching some of the fun and interesting interactions between Sloane, Felisha & their amazing customers!

What We Do

Sloane and Feli$ha have know each other for over 25 years growing as family friends. Sloane Ranger is a Torontonian who has always had a creative eye for decorating & refurbishing things. Her “Treasure” journey began 4 years ago selling pieces she refurbished from her home. The business expanded into a storage locker, and finally grew to be the enchanting Boutique that is Sloane’s Treasure Island.

Sloane’s vision of helping to do her part in saving our planet from all the waste she sees everywhere led her to start taking old & unwanted pieces deemed garbage destined for landfills and transforming them into beautiful, unique one-of-a-kind Treasures. Feli$ha is a multitalented Canadian born singer, model and actress. Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area of Scarborough her, interest in music was influenced by her mother & father; two-time JUNO nominee recording artist and Master Chef “Wayne Passion” Reid. Feli$ha’s Jamaican and British nationality exposed her to a culture that gives her voice a unique sound.

Feli$ha Reid is a multitalented Canadian singer, model, and actress born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area.

Her Aunty, Sloane Ranger shared her vision of the business with Felisha and asked her to join the team. FELI$HA thought it was a super great idea to save the environment by helping to reduce waste in furniture and household items. She also shares Sloane's passion for empowering other women. Joining the team was an instant yes! In the Fall of 2020, Felisha became the Store Manager and has since contributed to lifting the business up.

Feli$ha could not be happier to be part of something so amazing and genius as what my Aunty has done here, it's a brilliant and thoughtful way to do our part for the environment and we hope to expand across the GTA. "I truly hope the community is impacted by what we're doing and encourage them to believe that anything you put your mind to can be achieved".

Furniture Recycling & Restoration

During the most uncertain times amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic, Sloane’s dedication to pursuing her dream led her to take a chance in going ahead with opening a large warehouse in Brampton, which she envisions as the first of many locations throughout the GTA.


Empowering Women

At Sloane’s treasure Island we are all about lifting women up! Supporting women’s growth, setting new goals, letting nothing & no one get in their way to reach their incredible and full potential. This is the embodiment of what Sloane & Felisha stand for. Support & Empower Your Fellow Sisters! #SisterUp

Preserving our Planet

At Sloane’s Treasure Island, we believe that everyone should do their part to save our beautiful planet. Reusing & repurposing helps to rescue all these treasures from landfills and provides affordable, beautiful pieces of furniture for our customers! “One Person’s Garbage is another Woman’s Treasure!”

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Why waste your money on Junk Removal Services that add to landfill waste?! Sloane’s Treasure Island is happy to pick up your donations of furniture and home décor items FOR FREE.
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We heard you! Due to popular demand, Sloane's Treasure Island is now offering custom furniture finishing. Send us your tired old furniture and we'll turn it into a beautiful, unique piece to be enjoyed for years to come. Pickup and delivery are available.
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We accept a limited number of specialty items and collectibles on consignment. Items sent to us on consignment will be kept in the store for up to 45 days, at which point they will be returned to you if they have not sold. Our fee of 50% of the final sale price covers the space in our showroom as well as any marketing we put into selling your item. Click here to submit a request for consignment